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Originally Posted by PilotjohnS View Post
Congrats on hanging the engine. i hope to be there soon. I was looking at your picture to see where the electrical feedthrus were coming thru the firewall but couldn't find them; then I notice your "old tech" instrument cluster. (cinder blocks)
No wires through the firewall yet. I've been running a bunch of light, pitot heat, stall, etc wires from where they are need to the panel area. I have a piece of scrap plywood across the nose, resting where the upper forward fuselage will be attached. The plywood was there to hold about 300 pounds of cinder blocks to keep the nose on the ground until the engine was attached.

In the plywood, I had one of my kids drill about 12 holes and label each one (light wires, fuel, gps, stall, etc) and route the wires through each labeled hole to keep everything generally organized for now. It was a fun task for a kid. Drills are the best tool at that age.
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