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Default solution to problem

Having built custom homes for 41 years and now retired I can tell you about old tools that still have value.
Oh ya, that includes a few respirators that are no longer supported by manufacturers.
We use what we can find, But usually just tape them on with either duct or electrical tape. Seals where it's needed and you usually only use them once. All you are asking is to filter the air.
On that matter if you have a few squirts and short duration. bag it and you may find it works just fine for the next few squirts.
Oh ya if I have a small job of only half an hour I will get the respirator that has one side taped off and only use one cartridge. Saves money and still works for me. Them cartridges seem to go up in price every time I want to buy some more.
I have a Hobby air system for longer jobs.
Enjoy the fresh air. Art
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