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Thanks for the the suggestions. I think I'll give it a try both ways - (1) using the first airport as the destination and home as the alternate or (2) making home as both origin and destination and put appropriate remarks.

Here in Northeast FL we get a lot of "easy IFR" weather. A layer of clouds between 1000 - 2000 ft AGL.

I've also discovered a big difference on what the tower controllers approve depending on the airport.

I flew some approaches on Sunday (VFR conditions) at St. Augustine and the tower was very accommodating. When I returned home to Craig (KCRG), I requested an ILS to the active runway. The tower would not give me the ILS unless I contacted ATC first.

However, when I asked for "straight in" to the runway, the tower said sure, no problem. So I just flew the ILS but it wasn't really an ILS - it was a straight in.
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