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Originally Posted by NinerBikes View Post
I haven't seen any RV-12 Legacy E-LSA builds with timed out motors around or up for sale. The motors can continue to be run "on condition" well past 2000 hrs, if serviced properly and not abused.

These motors are not old school, air cooled, sloppy tolerance, taper bored Lycs or Contis. They keep their tolerances much longer for many more hours run. That and RV-12's don't get used too often doing XC trips, racking up the hours like the bigger RV models.

What I have seen with timed out motors are the S-LSA Legacy RV-12 builds used by flight schools.

Just my opinion, this particular plane is a "unicorn", with an original 2012 build. Back then Skyview D1000's were possible in dash, some were still D-180s, but the HDX wasn't even available back then. Van's had to create a connection box and wiring harnesses for the earliest RV-12s that were wired for Gen1 Dynon equipment so that Gen2 Skyview Classics and Skyview Touches could be plug and play. HDX is Gen 3 and compatible with Gen 2 wiring harnesses, I believe, just plug and play. Not so with Gen 1.
Don't forget TBO is not just based on Hours. Rotax 912uls engines from 2010ish and on will reach TBO (15 years) by age starting in 2025ish..

I definitely won't be taking my loved ones up flying in an airplane with an engine beyond TBO.. I guess it'll be a personal decision each owner will have to make..
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