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Originally Posted by Greenley View Post
If you can still bring up last years return you should be able to bring up the schedule and print a copy. I did that each time I bought a kit. When I got my air worthiness I wrote up a cost justification showing the kit sections, and that I had paid taxes already on that, had purchased a used engine and over hauled it myself so no taxes, and the main invoice from stein. I sent them that documentation along with a check for the taxes on the avionics and they were happy. If I had waited to hear from them I would have had to talk them down from the much higher number they would have come up. I feel that being proactive saved a lot of money. Oh, and this was for Michigan.
Do you know which schedule specifically? The 1040 itself does not have any fields that I can see to describe what it is you're paying the use-tax for, it only says how much tax you paid. Does your tax return actually say "RV-10 Kit" on it somewhere?
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