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Default Chino A&P

Hello Bart,

I?m not aware of an A&P who is a ?go-to? person at Chino for the RV community. That doesn?t say there isn?t one, but I personally don?t know whom he/she might be. I think most of us ?wrench? our own Lycomings. Certainly, if you want to stop by one of our hangars (we?re all over the place on the east side), we can give you our amateur ?2 cents.?

As Axel mentioned, if you?re looking for an A&P with lots of Lycoming experience, the SoCal RV List on Yahoo Groups is probably a good source. Also, since you?re looking for an A&P, checking with Chino?s certified crowd for a reference is probably a better option for you. I haven?t been able to get to Chino regularly lately; otherwise I would help directly, but please send me a PM if you want some further ideas.

Best of Luck,
Bill Palmer
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