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Default S-Tec Servo Issue

I know it's not the most popular autopilot for homebuilts due to the breathtaking price that a TSO'd part commands, but for some reason the builder of my Rocket shelled out the cash and installed a System 30. Now that I got that pesky "over center and lockup issue" fixed, I tried turning it on for the first time for a functional test. The pitch servo grabs hold and is extremely strong compared to the Tru Trak I'm used to. The roll servo on the other hand follows the turn knob, but is not connected to the output arm apparently. In other words, the motor runs, but no movement of the arm/stick. Does anyone know if the S-Tec servos use a shear pin as the TT units do?

And yes, in case you were wondering, as soon as I can verify the system is functional it's going up for sale to a certified driver so I can buy a proper experimental autopilot.
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