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Default AFP Bracket torque

The AFP FI comes with an anodized bracket that is held in place with 4 socket head bolts, they go into the same holes as the carburetor studs and are 5/16-18 (coarse thread) The AC43 Torque value for this is 80-90 in lbs but the Lycoming overhaul manual has 204 in lbs for this size bolt. The US torque specification for a grade 8 bolt this size is 216 in lbs. The instructions say to use Loctite so I have some High Temp stuff (Red) but wondered which torque you others would use here. I am leaning toward the Lycoming # but wonder whey there is such a big difference between the two specifications. It also seem the US Torque table is a little higher for socket heads even though the threads are the same size, interesting.

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