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We said our goodbyes and took-off (as a 4-ship) on RWY 27 with the SoCALers continuing west and Mills/Ziliks heading east. Here we
are back-taxiing on RWY 27;

The picture below was taken moments after takeoff;

Our route took us over Lake Powell and then into Henderson (HND) south of Las Vegas; a 2.6 hour flight from TEX;

After fueling and a late lunch, we departed for home in a nice cruise spread;

We landed at the Rosamond Skypark about 1.3 hours later (1745 local time), and I had Mercedes/Sean stop for a picture;

Here's a summary of the trip...all possible because we built this great plane called an RV

L00 to FTG (via I-70): 4.5 hrs (had a nice tailwind)

FTG to L00 (via TEX): 5.4 hrs (light headwind)

Miles Traveled: ~1500nm averaging ~150 nm/hr

Cost to visit friends and go rafting: Well worth it!

July 4th, 2010 was the 10th Anniverary of my first flight. With nearly 3200 hours on the hobbs, we are looking forward to many,
many more years of flying and meeting new friends along the way! Keep poundin' them rivets because it's ALL worth it! Rosie & Tuppergal

PS: I'm planning a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana for the Labor Day weekend!
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