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Default COVID Response

I am sorry for your loss. I have lost a good friend here in Canada and several down in the US. It pains me to see the US losing the equivalent of a 9/11 daily, knowing everyone is special to someone.

This disease surprises me in that at times I think that person will struggle or even die and for whatever reason their affliction is mild and vice versa a fit 48 year old will struggle a surprising amount.

As I see it we now have two effective and well proven vaccines. Here in Alberta we have delivered well over 120k doses, with a full 1/3 of those being elderly in assisted living and 20 adverse reactions, all mild to moderate ranging from sore arm or rash, to nausea and diarrhea.

I donít know why that when we have two with good efficacy (the J&J data does not look promising at 65% effective) that we are not taking a war measures approach to turn to every pharma to produce some of either version instead of developing their own. Just like Ford or Inglus during WWII they produced what needed to be produced at a set profit with a small royalty to Jeep or Colt respectively, for the IP. We have a pattern and precedence for how to get this done, when lives depend upon it.

Sorry for the drift, but I felt the need to advocate as every life lost is 1 too many.
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