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Default Hammy!

Beautiful fall day in the upper midwest just made for a XC with a purpose. Hamilton(Hammy) was a young Boxer boy out of Cincy that had some health issues and needed a relocation to the rescue folks up here in Minne. The logistics office went into high gear and arranged a multi-hop, mutli-layover trip, with Schaumburg(06C) to KANE being the last hop today. Here's how it went.......

We are past peak color, but the I'm a sucker for the hills and hardwoods of the Badger State.

Flew right by Madison, but did not stop to see the twins - big Halloween party down there tonight- I'm sure I don't want to know anything about it......

Nice tail wind on the way down at 7500 and flight following from the ground at Anoka to the edge of the Bravo in Chicago made the trip quick, safe and effcient. Less than 2 hrs later I was on the ground at Schaumburg - seems they name the restaurant for distinguished guests when they come in.

RV-9A builder Mark Coplon was on the ramp when I landed and came out to check out my plane and say hello. Another great guy met thru this hobby. He was a great help getting Hammy boarded as well.

After saying goodbyes all around, Hammy and I snuck out of 06C under the 1900ft Bravo shelf (O'Hare is right freaking there!) and set the Trutrak for KANE and 3800 to stay below the wailing winds upstairs. Yep, it was bumpy, but Hammy studied the radio chart and was ready to help out.

He slept most of the way and was a huge snoring machine - I could feel his throat vibrating on my thigh!

Nice patch of color on the way home....

This stream caught my eye as well....

All too soon, we were on with Minne Approach and almost home. Hammy was a great passenger!

Some stats....
584 Miles traveled, 25 Gallons burned, 4hr 5 min flight time, ave 142Kts/163mph, 23.4 nmpg/26.9 smpg.

Not too shabby!

Amateur Plane - RV-9A N789PH - 2450+ Hrs
Amateur Radio - KD0CVN
Doggies Delivered - 25+
St. Paul, MN

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