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I am agreeing with most of these comments so far.

Since NavWorx has been in this market for a long time and they do have a TSO'd version, I assume that if they are making the
Transmits SDA = 2, SIL= 3
in their specifications that they have completed at least the poor man's test on this particular unit (using the non-precise FAA report).

Also, I would venture to guess that the internal workings of this box are pretty similar to a much more expensive TSO'd version. Just a guess...

Is the internal GPS the same GPS source used in the TSO'd unit they sell??
This experimental unit looks like the same packaging as the TSO'd version...

Finally, isn't this price about what some ADSB-in only units are selling for? I'm sure NavWorx is thinking they are practically giving the model away at that price because it seems to pack so many features into one box.
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