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Default Arinc-429 from D-100/HS-34 to G-430W

I am installing an ADS-B box in the Rocket and need Heading data in the to G-430W to display traffic on the -430.

When I first installed the HS-34 the -429 out to the -430 worked as it should and somewhere along the line it quit. I had no real need for that link so I while I double checked the wires and the configuration, I just let it go.

Now I need the link to work to make the traffic display on the G-430W work, and a first class avionics shop can't make it work.

Is anyone else able to get -429 info to a G-430 with Firmware ver 5.1 to work?

I have been talking with Dynon, and they don't have any real good answers, but it would be helpful to know that the HS-34 and Version 5.1 of the -430 are capable of reading -429 info into the -430.

Thanks in advance...

Doug Rozendaal
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