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Randle, as for research, I am an ex 38 year Mattituck employee. I worked there when the video was made and on to the last day the shop was open. I also know and see fairly regularly all of the guys who made the video. They all all still live in the Mattituck area within 10 miles of my home. Skyward Tech was the name chosen by the group who published the video and by Phil Haponic, who by the way owns the rights to the video and as far as I know still supplies it for sale to suppliers. He also lives just down the road from me. I will grant you that I haven't talked to him about the videos in the last couple of years but I can assure you he was still supplying them for sale long after 2005. As a matter of fact I personally sold copies of the videos, on his behalf, at Oshkosh after 2005 from our workshop booths and at engine workshops we ran at the Mattituck Facility. And by the way, all of that revenue went to "those guys."
As for copyright.... I don't believe it expires as long as the author or authors are still alive. At least that is what the lawyers told me about various articles and publications I have authored.
Whether you bought or acquired the video yesterday or 10 years ago is irrelevant. In my humble opinion you are offering property that is not yours to offer, to others whether for profit or not doesn't matter. I am not aware of any schools or training centers offering the videos for free. I am aware of a couple, that Phil allowed to make copies of the video for in house use and not to republish. I only know about that because I got the phone calls from the schools and talked to Phil about allowing it, after he was no longer employed at the airport.
So, do what you wish and justify it anyway that makes you feel comfortable and that lets you sleep at night.
My arm chair opinion is that you are wrong and so are all the others who downloaded it and are likely still downloading it.
Thanks for taking the time to listen and respond to my rant.
I won't bother you or any of the others with my unfounded, un-researched accusations any more.
Good Luck,
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