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Default I have oil pressure, finally!

Got the oil pressure to show up late today.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions and help, both on and off the thread. Allen Barrett wins the prize and the beer, whenever I see him.

Allen and I spoke several times today and eventually determined there was a blockage somewhere. Off came the governor to verify the gasket was installed correctly and no ports were plugged. It was installed correctly, and nothing was plugged. There was oil in the governer, but not much. I hot the starter for about ten seconds to see if oil appeared out of the governor ports. Nothing.

Then Allen asked the magic question:

Allen: Hey Bart, is this an AE engine?
Me: Yes, but I'm going to wait until first annual to install the Christen System.
Allen: I think I know what the problem is. If you're not installing the Christen system, then you need to remove a plug in one of the sump ports. (He named the specific port, I don't recall, but it was the only one with a hex nut on it and about a 6" long screen filter inside.) The plug is all the way inside and has a 10-32 threaded hole in it. You'll need a piece of all-thread or something about 6-8" long to reach in there and get it out. And get something to catch the oil.

The A&P on the field quickly cut the head off a long AN3 bolt and welded it to a piece of rod for me. Then after cursing, cutting myself repeatedly and removing scat tubing to get enough room, I got the plug out and lost about a quart of oil while I replaced the screen filter and plug. I then re-installed the prop governor and other things I had removed in the troubleshooting process. The pressure hose was still detached from the manifold and hanging in a cup. I hand propped it about 25 rotations and then hit the starter (plugs out) and in four seconds oil was (relatively) gushing out of the hose. That was a really, really good feeling right there. I quickly connected the hose to the manifold which was connected to a mechanical indicator ($20 at O'Reilly with all tubes and fittings). I hit the starter again and at about 20 seconds the needle began a steady rise. I stopped it at 25psi. I had seen enough and it was time to go home.

Tomorrow I have a few items that need to be re-safety wired, a few that need to be re-torqued, and I'll put the GRT transducer back on the manifold. After that, I'll remove the plugs and get pressure up, then stick 'em back in and see about fuel pressure and the ignition system. I know the starter works. I have already free-flowed the boost pump and am getting about 50gph from either tank.
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