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Default Back in the Air

Its been a month and a half since the condition was signed off, but I've finally got the post condition gremlins solved.

1- The moving clamp fix required a modification to the intercooler inlets and one of the induction pipes

The top pipe is the new version-a "slightly" more aggressive grip range.

2- RPM sensor replaced and it's reading is now very stable.

3- Oil Temp sensor connection replaced and know works good-no more 350F readings.

4- G3X EMS intermittent because of a loose CAN bus shield solder joint.

So after two short test flights to verify everything was good, it was time to stretch her wings. Left KFFC early morning May 3 nonstop to KAVO (Avon Park,FL) for a freight drop to mom. Left there after a short stay for a quick flight to X35 to top the tanks ($2.89/gal) and then back to Falcon.

Started the day with 43 gallons. Took on 56.3 at Marion County and arrived back at Falcon Field with 58 Gallons remaining.

Total burn--approx. 41 gal.
Hobbs time--5.7 hrs
TAS 155Kts
Distance 760nm
Scott Flandermeyer
Rv-10 TDI 330 hrs
Fayettevile, GA

2021 VAF Donation complete

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