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I am considering the Garmin GPS 18 to provide a GPS signal to an Artex ELT 345 when I upgrade my ELT. It is about $70 new. A few points I have learned: (1) the Artex has to be programmed to accept the NMEA GPS format from the Garmin, (2) the Garmin runs on 5 volts, so you have to step down from the 12 volt aircraft system, and (3) the Garmin has magnets in the base you may want to remove (there is a thread on VAF that discusses this). I got the idea from the ACK E-04 installation manual that discusses an alternative GPS source instead of pulling a signal from the avionics. My -8 has a GRT Sport EFIS but I really donít want to open up the wiring to get the GPS signal since I am not the builder.
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