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Default Update

To close the loop on this thread, I purchased this unfinished kit in August 2019. Many thanks to those who responded with opinions and expert advice. I admit I was swayed most by the responses from those - like Vlad - who could speak to the difference between unpainted aluminum and corroded aluminum. I most appreciated the time that Vic Syracuse graciously spent with me in between two of his presentations at AirVenture 2019, looking at closeups of pits, rivets and dings, and suggesting how to structure the purchase, given a brand-new, out-of-warranty engine.

Why close the loop now? Our hostís reminder about contributions reminded me that, if I hadn't been part of VAF, I would not have known to contact Vic, so I'm sending a small honorarium to DR in Vic's honor, over and above my annual contribution.

By the way, Iíve been through much of this kit in detail - including rebuilding a part of the tail cone - and Iíve seen virtually no corrosion on the unprimed Alclad faying surfaces. If Iím still living in the Midwest when I build my next plane, Iíll probably skip the primer on Alclad surfaces.
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