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Originally Posted by seagull View Post
Typically the co-pilot side is where the most vibration/ wear occurs. See post #3 of this thread for the repair.
There are 2 types of hinge material. One has rolled eyes the other has machined eyes. The machined ones are far superior and can be bought from Spruce. If I was building that is all I would use.
Thank you.......I will look into the extruded hinge.
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Superior IO-360-M1S Aerosport build school=Excellent. See post: Engine build school pictures IO-360
Tail / Fuse / Wings are complete + painted. I used Sherwin Williams JetGlo solids and AcryGlo metalics.
Leather seats by Flightline Interiors.
Still to do: Firewall forward, cowling fit and paint, G3X avionics.
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