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Default Central Florida advice!

Interested in making the move to Florida

My mission keeps me in the Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Myers square!

Pretty big area and would love some secret sauce on places to live. Near or on the airport. Great home builder/flying group so I feel at home with the giant move.

Iíve been on the ground and at the airports of several. Two general views Iíve noticed. Zero life! And even less friendly. YES I understand our hobby n sport is dying but I have hope!

Price is always mentioned so Iíll take a chance. Nice home on a well established Airpark. 500-700ish
Complete grass runway with infrastructure, 1-1.5 mil.

Hence the blind message here for a possible lead.

If you still care, been on the ground from Lake Okeechobee
West along 80 to the coast.
Up the center of the state, 27 to winter haven.
Tampa south along 75.
Have walked or visited pretty much every airport or runway I could find on these trips, but nothing has tickled my fancy yet.

Thanks VAF!
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