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Originally Posted by RV6_flyer View Post
I am not Scott but yes they sell the restrictor fitting.

Any fuel / oil hose the correct size will work as long as it has the correct fitting on the ends if a fitting is necessary.

Van's sells a VA-119 manifold pressure hose but it may or not not work with the MAP gauge that you are using.
Ya that fitting is very different than an AN840. I got some of those for my pressure takoffs on fuel/oil but it won't work with this setup unless I go with a flared hose. Something I was trying to avoid just based on cost.

Originally Posted by TS Flightlines View Post
Jereme, the Dynon MAP sensor has a tube stub. So if you use the rubber hose, push it Make a restrictor for the AN840 tube for the #3 cylinder.
Those with teflon hoses and crimped AN hose ends---the restrictor fitting is a no brainer. On the Dynon, side, you can take a short piece of Aeroquip 306-4 and push a male AN fitting in it, and clamp to it and the hose to the Dynon sender.

Thanks Tom. Thanks for the email as well. A bit to ponder now.
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