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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
That's great! In your experience how do the dogs do without ear protection? I imagine most won't tolerate 'mutt muffs'.

I do have Mutt Muffs, but quite frankly, I don't use them often. To me it's just seems like another factor that might raise their stress level, especially if I am alone and don't have an assistant to calm the dog should that be necessary after we are in the air.

With the dog in a Kennel and with a small blanket, he/she usually goes to sleep. Most of my flights have been less than two hours. I feel good about the flights, because I feel confident the dogs are going to a better home.

My personal dog does wear the "Mutt Muffs" although it is very challenging to get them to fit because of the shape and size of his head. He's a mixed Terrier, very similar to a Fox Terrier. Bob Leffler has linked a couple of nice photos displaying the proper use of hearing protection on his daughter's Labrador Retriever.
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