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Very interesting and valid questions.. Although we haven't done all the tests to be able to answer all the questions, here are some interesting things we made:

- The tanks actually give 4 more hours of flight at 145 Kts.
- When building the airplane, the main and rear spar were reinforced, to handle the weight of the tank and the twisting moment of the winglet.

How does the winglet stalling affect the angle of climb?
From the tests, the winglet started stalling at 60 kts, which is not ideal, but we normally climb at 80 its, and during our standard climb, the winglet did not stall.

What are the forces that the winglet imposes upon the wing structure?
Don't know.. we made it very strong. More tests to come...

Do you plan a production run?
Negative. This is just for fun and to be able to go the distance.

PS: The RV9 is an amazing airplane as is. It does not need winglets.
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