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Default Those pesky smoke injectors

Some of this will just be me babbling away at different finds as a result of doing an engine overhaul. One of those pesky items us 'smokers' have to deal with is the injectors. They are not the most reliable things. They tend to clog up, require cleaning, and can be a maintenance nuisance. My smoke system is pretty much homebuilt. I have a ~13gal wet wing smoke tank in my left wing under the wing walk area. A smoke pump and filter in the fuse tail area (Anything portable in a super 8 goes in the tail!) and of course the injectors. No valves for flow rate. What I found was my flow rate was about right, given the distance traveled, and the S8 developing a bit more heat. After a few hundred hours of a smoke injector set of tiny orifices being clogged, I just drilled the end of the injector out with an 1/8" bit. With my 2 injectors this seemed to flow about the right amount and never left me being "THAT GUY" with weak smoke on film. Over the years I have watched the SS injectors deteriorate to the point that that are now 1/3 the length they started. I never particularly cared. I pump all the oil in my system would flow and excess unburned oil,..... well only my slot pilot cares. Here are the injectors after being in the exhaust for all these years. I think they have some service life left dont you?
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