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Default Exhaust Warped

While pulling off the exhaust, I noticed this warpiage located under the heat muff. Hidden for years. My muffs have never been off and I have had no reason to look under them. Hmmm. Whats that?

A quick call to Larry Vetterman... He has seen this before, although rarely. According to Larry, there are 2 cases where this is seen.
1. A wrapped exhaust, or ceramic coated exhaust. I have neither of these.
2. A muff exit blocked where the heat cant get away, either from a scat tube collapse or FW valve that does not dump overboard. Well I have never had either of those.

Either way, it is what it is. A tap with a punch to check wall thickness in the warpage area and Im satisfied that the warpage does not pose any risk so Im leaving it as is. Amazingly, the rest of the exhaust of completely great. I have never had a crack, support arm break, or anything of that nature in its years of service. Im cleaning it up and putting her back on.
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