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I've actually made a day trip to SNF (which is a little closer to here) several times. For some people, it can be just enough. Reducing the total r/t flying time to a little over 3 hours by going 500 mph helps, too!

There are a lot of folks that would really like to go, but just can't justify taking 4 or 5 vacation days to go to something that their whole family might not consider a vacation.

Anyway - I'me certainly not opposed to doing a multi-day charter. Just understand that it can significantly add to the cost. We have to pay the FBO fees (which can be $x00 per night), crew lodging and meals and transportation, etc. We are running a business, so I also have to charge for having the aircraft and crew sitting out of service, as well. But, understanding all any person or group wants a custom quote, give us a shout.

We have a Gulfstream also! You could really arrive in style with 10 of your best friends.
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