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Thanks Dave, I do appreciate all your help !
I guess all those mini navs Dave and I have done, did pay off.
Yes Australia is a big open remote country, often in the middle, I did not have radio contact with anyone, for hours at a time.
I can now tick another thing off my bucket list.
1) build own plane, done
2) fly own plane across Australia and back, done.
The first leg over was most difficult for me as the other person was not a pilot, and that left all the flight decisions go/no go up to me.
However Andrew did a great job helping in the cockpit.
The return trip with Andre' who is a pilot, but has not flown for many years, made it a little easier for me.
VH-XJL flew great, all I needed to do was fill up and put some oil in every 10 hrs or so. What a great aircraft, thanks Vans !
Jamie lee
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