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Originally Posted by Blw2 View Post brain keeps taking me to ideas about converting to doors somehow, sort of like the RV-10..or adding opening window(s) somehow...even if it's those little hand sized port holes on many pipers, beechcraft, etc....
I know, probably a silly idea, but it's the hurdle I keep coming back to
Doors would be a hard thing to engineer, since there is a structural longeron that defines the ledge where both types of canopies rest. All of the RV's except the -10 have this design feature. You'd have to remove a portion of that longeron and the side skin to create a door. That is no small engineering feat.

It would be relatively easy to add the little "porthole" windows you mentioned. If you look far enough back in Sport Aviation, you can find an article by Tony Bingelis where he did just that.
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