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After nearly a year I figured it is about time for a (small) update.

On the 2nd January I had my first visit from a SAAA TC. Why so late in the build? Well, I had planned on registering my -9 with RAAus, the same as Retired Racer did and they don't require TC inspections. I had spoken with RAAus when I first started the build and received assurance in writing that it would be acceptable. However, after being assigned a provisional rego number with RAAus, it was decided by the Technical Manager that my RV would not be allowed on their register despite my ability to prove compliance with CAO 95.55 and a 950Lb empty weight... So I had to change tack and go through the SAAA process.

The TC (himself a VAFer with an RV-7) was understanding and gave me around a dozen squawks to rectify before it'd be considered good enough to move to the airport, none of them major. From simple things like putting a dab of sealant in various MK-319-BS rivets to replacing the original data plate (with my RAAus rego on it) to the new VH- one. Application of the VH- and Experimental stickers, and replacing the Vans passenger warning placard with one with CAsA wording. All things that I can sort out at night after the kidlets are in bed. At least he was kind enough to put "Well constructed quickbuild RV-9A" in the comments.

For now, I'm finishing off the polishing and waiting to hear back from a signwriting mob I've engaged to quote on putting some vinyl wrap on the tailcone.

The proposed livery. Replace silver with polished aluminium though.

Seem familiar?

Who needs to go to China for child labour?

First pass with F7.

After a few days watching the CAsA List of available marks I picked out VH-CEM, as the easiest to pronounce and had my rego letters made by the blokes at DIY Lettering. Incidentally, they were quite helpful when I forgot to order my under-wing letters combining those with the first order to save me a second lot of shipping.

The fuselage lettering. No fancy colours or italics for the under-wing letters.

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RV-9A - Finished on 10th February 2016 after 4 years, 9 months and 19 days! The 1020th RV-9 flying.

First flight 26th March 2016. Essential specs 145KTAS @ 2400RPM, 8000', 24.2LPH, Initial RoC 1800FPM.
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