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OK, here is how I do it. Others may have different procedures, but this works for me.

First off , jack up and safely support the plane, and remove the wheel pants, then split the brake caliper half----should be a couple bolts that will let the caliper come apart. Remove the cotter pin, and the wheel nut, and slide the wheel assembly off the axle.

LET THE AIR OUT!!!! This is critical, and is a safety issue. Remove the valve core.

Now, remove the three nuts/bolts holding the wheel halves together, make notes of how they go together if you need to. Mark one bolt hole on each side, and the brake disc, so you can get the wheel halves back together with the same orientation.

After you get the brake disc off, lay the wheel down, valve stem side up, and stand on the tire to brake it loose from the rim. Careful, dont fall, helps to do this next to a wall so you can brace yourself. You will probably need to move around a bit to get it loose. Resist the temptation to use the screwdriver as a prybar-------too easy to put a hole in the tube like that.

Then, take off the wheel half and remove the tube carefully. Carefully...

Next, I put the wheel back on the floor and use a block of wood to space the second wheel half up enough to stand on the tire, and break it loose from the inner wheel half.

Reassemble in the reverse order, be sure to clean things well, use talc inside the tire to allow the tube to slide around and find its favorite position. Inflate the tube just a bit to help the stem stay in place while bolting the two halfs together, but do not inflate it so much you end up pinching the tube.

After the bolts are reinstalled-----along with the brake disc, inflate and deflate a couple times to remove any possible folds in the tube. Then install the core, and inflate to correct pressure.

Inspect and replace the brake pads if needed, clean and grease the bearings, and put it all back together. Good luck with that cotter pin................

Also, while you have the wheel off, inspect and tighten if needed the nut/bolts that hold the pant bracket and any others in that area.

Good luck, think safety.
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