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The trip down was the morning after a couple days of rain, so the central valley was pretty cloudy.

Look close towards the center of the photo, see anything familiar?

How about a closer shot?

Little farther, better view up the canyon.

These were taken at 7500', and the cloud tops were not too far below us. As we went farther south, the clouds intruded into our altitude, and we had to climb to 9500. And the clouds changed from scattered to broken to full covered layer------I decided to move off course to be over the valley floor just in case there was any problems, better to be over something repetitively flat, than over the foothills. Here is a shot of the AvMap showing our direct course (red line to the left) and where we chose to fly over, in the center of the screen.

All in all, a great trip and a fun time. T'was a bit windy though, Ax can you please order some better weather for nest year??
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