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Originally Posted by Paul "OX" Harder View Post
Great panel! I just wanted to throw a couple of suggestions your way. I have an -8 with the Infinity Grip wired exactly the same as yours. I did two things extra. First, I put a "Starter Enable" switch in that allows me to enable the starter button on the grip for engine start and disable it after the engine is started. This saves the potential of inadvertently hitting the "Start Button" on the grip while the engine is running (I've seen it happen and it ain't pretty!). The switch is also tied to a caution light on the panel that reminds me to turn it off when the engine starting sequence is over. The second thing I did is tie the fuel pump button to a caution light on the panel. Again, just in case it is bumped in flight or forgotten after the starting sequence. You may have thought of this stuff, but I just thought I would give you a heads-up. You're going to love flying the -8a.
Those are great suggestions and I don't mean to speak for Mike, but I've been reading up on the Vertical Power unit that he's installing because I'm going to use one myself. The VP unit takes care of this for you. It's an impressive unit. Once the engine is running, the starter switch is disabled for you, thereby eliminating the need for additional wiring, switches, warning lights, etc. on your panel. I think you can have an annunciator light on the EFIS for the fuel pump, too.
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