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Default distracted riveting

We hear all the time about the dangers of distracted driving. Maybe that "driving" also means driving rivets. I was showing the shop to some company and in a true moment of brilliance thought I would demo some riveting. I had this fuselage part ready for attaching platenuts, so I plugged in the rivet squeezer and went to work. Rivets, check, platenut, check, squeezer set, check, squeeze, see how easy that is. It is quick too, I can immediately squeeze the next rivets. Is there supposed to be one of those screw things on those rivets too? Uh..... Yes? So, I get to add a demonstration of how to drill out rivets. Talk about embarrasing. So this is my confession, I have officially joined the dumb stunt club.

They were beautifully squeezed
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