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I had the same problem Justin. I could pull the backet into alignment with the U-channel only by putting a tremendous amount of clamping force on the assembly. Obviously, that amount of preloading isn't acceptable. I contacted Vans and they were kind enough to send me two new upper weldments. The new weldments didn't align well either (actually, I think one did and one did not), and so I played with them for a while and finally figured out that the root problem is that when the weldments are constructed the forward flange tends to warp with a convex front surface. When it is rivited to the firewall, the warp pulls the aft arms out of proper alignment with the U-channel. I don't recall how I flattened the warp (probably involved whacking it with a hammer), but I bent it flat and it fit perfectly. So, this is one "gotcha" item that builders should be careful with. Set the weldment on a table, forward face down, and make sure it doesn't rock back and forth. If it does, fix it. And watch the edge distance when match drilling from the U-channel into the weldment.
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