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Default San Diego!!!

San Diego! Love the weather!

San Diego connection was the one and only not made here on VAF. A while ago a young couple (both marines) was visiting New York City and I know their brother. They wanted a ride over NY they were so adamant drove all the way in heavy traffic from the city to my airport and we went up just before dark. Wannabe RVators in Big Apple always find a reason not to go but these two marines were dead serious. Both went up with me and enjoyed tremendously. After landing they said if I ever come to San Diego I have a place to stay. And I did have a place to stay. In a nice gated community at cozy house with big pool, four cars, two dogs, fishtank and a singing bird. Thank you Jorge and pass my thanks to your ladies.

This is from previous ride.

Next morning Jorge and I flew to Catalina island.

The marine doesn't have pilot license (yet) but he had some training before.

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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