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Default Battle with Tanks at Chiriaco

All right, wifi is still down after Sandy and I am using old trusty dial-up. Time to finish that trip story I covered almost 1/2 already

... After exiting Death Valley I need three things; First - to kill 2.5 hours. An airshow was in full strenght at Miramar and TFR would be lifted at 5 pm.
Second - get fully gassed up on the way to Coolifornia coast I heard fuel is expensive there. Third - something meaty to bite.

According to famous planning software the cheapest fuel was at 29 Palms.

Oh wait. You don't see him but he is there. Some biker going supersonic on that dry lake bed.

Now 29 Palms.

Two things not in accordeon there. 1. Only four palms found instead of thirty nine and 2. Gas is almost six bucks!!! Who is the feeder for famous planning software!!! No wonder I can't save for paint paying that huge margin...

Anyway I filled up hopped a ridge or two

and headed to L77, an airport where cavalry museum is.

I was very suspicious of that place. Not much talk among RVators, no writeups on other boards. Anyway lessee...

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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