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I go to TN in Sept every year. Previous year highlights are here. I planned to build a mahogany runabout but now I think of buying already built one. Several RV builders/pilots have constructed similar. Roberta being the most famous.

Usually I arrive, boaters track me via APRS, I do a pass over marina, then somebody picks me up at local airport which is couple miles away. This year the situation after landing was different and it developed quick. I passed over riders couple times on safe altitude and landed.

Landed, chocked, tied, covered, ready for pickup.

An SUV stops by the gate. An official looking lady gets out and with very serious look is walking toward me. Hello, I am Carrol from Chattanooga fisdow, can I see your pilot license and medical please? And she flashes an ID/business card with a pic and a blue something...

Sure I said my brains didn't work that fast for looong time. I didn't think of why, my thoughts were WHO I will be calling NOW to get legal counsel. Cousin? No, need somebody heavyweight in NY. Urgently.

Show lasted only several seconds a guy got of the SUV and it was Chris who taught his mother how to act to scare the Russian. Chris flies some serious corporate hardware and always ready to throw a joke on piston pilot. Well done Chris!

We all enjoyed the boat gathering. Most boaters reserved floating cabins, I shared a cabin on the land.

Next day were rides and more fun.

Tomorrow I go to Kentucky...
Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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