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Next morning crisp weather. Don dropped me off at the airport and up I went toward the Carolinas. Upper Carolina was clear but the Lower One brew something. It brew another big red circle around Charlotte and dense layer of condensation over Triple Tree.

Still OK for now.

Bridge to nowhere.

From here there was a lot of radio chatting.

Airplanes were stacked like pancakes over Triple Tree and pleaded for a pirep. Approach at Greer could not help much. TT Tower reported legal Class G day VFR, many people turned back. Somebody local landed and reported doable. I landed too.

There were not many airplanes on the grounds.

Food stands were not ready yet and I spent some time browsing around. Grass was wet and soil soaked. Bought a sandwich and sat at empty table watching an RV landing.

There were two other guys, one of them said; Hey you know it's not allowed here to eat alone. Come here. I am Bill and this is Pat.

That's how I know Bill the radio announcer and Pat the owner of Triple Tree Empire.

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
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