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Default 2012 Reno Air Races Day 8 from Race #43 crew perspective

Today was Saturday, the next to last day of racing and Bob Mills the magnificent in Race #43 held off Radial Rocket #105 for one more time to finish 2nd in the Sport Bronze class for the third time in a row. Once again Race 105 was a little high and outside as if ready to pounce on Bob but Bob held his ground and after three laps the margin was starting to open up again. If you were on the crew for #105 it was probably not so great but we liked it … A LOT! When the Sport Silver class race was run, Race 43 was once again the alternate that was not required. After we spotted the plane on the start grid and Bob Mills taxied out to the runway and back again we were done for the day. I sat by the Blue Bird and met a lot of nice people until around 4 pm then I went to the hotel. I passed Radial Rocket #105 as I walked out of the hangar, its cowl was off and serious faced experts were gathered around. I have a hunch tomorrow’s race will be even tougher than today.

I met Paul Dye and Louise, Dan Beatle and his wife Pat that I hadn’t seen for over 20 years, Lars Peterson, Dale Walter and his son Kevin, Paulo Iscold from Brazil, Jim Smith from Wichita, Craig Catto the propeller man and many more. Paul Dye gave me an "Official Commemorative Medallion Celebrating the Historic Space Shuttle Program." It contains metal flown on a Space Shuttle Mission. On the back side it says “Mission Complete Columbia *Challenger*Discovery*Atlantis*Endeavour” and shows the shuttle in various mission settings. I worked on 5 projects that flew on Columbia and Endeavour and they were all successful thanks to the NASA Mission Control team at JSC.

Well, tomorrow is the last day of the 2012 Reno Air Races and it will be time to head home. I haven’t done a thing yet to prepare so after I complete this update I will start checking weather forecasts and planning the trip. I probably will just reverse the trip coming here but if Mark Fredrick needs a ride I will return via Taylor, Texas.

Had dinner with Red Hamilton and Marilyn again and talked about the upcoming engine work on the Blue Bird after the race season is over. Look out next year SARL racers.

The complete Reno Air Race results can be found at

Bob Axsom

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