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Default First Trip Log - 2

Fabulous dinner at Local Ocean - recommended by Doug:

Maybe my best birthday ever, out of all 39

My bride and starting-to-see-how-much-fun-this-airplane-can-be flying partner:

Napping on the front lawn waiting on the marine layer to clear - we're talking RELAXING:

Flew to Aurora, parked in front of the Van's hangar. The plane returns home to the nest for the first time:

The nicest gentleman was just getting out of his RV-12, came over to look at my plane and chat:

Seemed pretty knowledgable:

Liked what I'd done on a couple things:

And also happens to be the founder/CEO/head guy of Van's Aircraft. How cool is that?

A great trip, with a little spontaneity and adventure, a taste of the tight-knit RV community, and new friends. Not to mention a chance meeting with Van on the ramp at the MotherShip. Could it get any better?

to be continued...
Bryan Douglass
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