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High elevations ended and there was pretty much familiar terrain.

Stop at Le Mars for fuel and weather. Nobody around. SS pumps are simple trucks without CC readers. They do have 91 octane unleaded I poured 18 gallons and left my address where to send the bill.

A bit of RV comedy. Our aircrafts are so stable and cockpits so roomy you can trim it off and take a nap

Somewhere over here a text message came. It was sent from flight levels I strongly believe.

The message said if I encounter some weather I could land here.

I didn't land there I landed here.

Took this government bus and drove to Holiday Inn Express of Van Wert, OH

Next morning after quick three hour run I was back in Hondaland at Princeton Airport I took off three days ago.

38 hours flight time in three days. $1,023 on fuel. Now it's time to throttle down. Almost 500 hobbs hours and it's time for first condition inspection.

Oh, forgot the beach. I couldn't make that beach S16 so I flew to some desolate stretch of sand on my coast for simulated engine out practice. Guess what I found in my wheel pants?
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