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Default Trip to Ireland

Just got back from vacationing in Ireland. Very beautiful rain or shine! I made a post here looking for fellow builders/flyers over there and Loman replied. He is building a -9A and offered to show me his project and introduce me to RVators in Ireland. I think I've read somewhere that RVs are not just about the airplanes but the people as well...

Here is Loman's shed/aircraft factory. Looking at the door you can tell it is not very tall nor wide! I know people have built in small places but this is the smallest I have seen in person!

You might remember Loman's post in the 9/9A section where he fitted the THAT backyard! He has since built extensions to his shed that are actually on wheels for easy removal. Now I've heard of tables and such on wheels...but workshops??

Here is the proud builder in his expanded workshop!

Here are his completed wings up in the rafters. Don't ask me how he got them up there...or how he is getting them out of there either!

I saw this model with a quote Loman wrote. I found it quite funny and wondered when he actually wrote it.

We spoke of his plans and some of the "mods" he had done then he offered us tea or coffee. We declined so we set out for a 20 minute drive to another RVer friend of his, Bryan. Bryan has a -7 with his own hangar/house/grass strip (but they called it a barn). It reminded me a lot of Salmon Farm (53VG) except it had sheep instead of Pugs for pets.

Here is the strip. I figure all the roads in Ireland are windy so why not the runways?
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