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Originally Posted by RV10inOz View Post
Awesome pics
If you get this in time say hello to Tallia Shepherd for me, rather short young lass and Chief Pilot for Wrights Air
I think I heard her on the CTAF. Her voice sounded way, way too young to fly

Watch out ofr a Retard Vehicle -10 enroute YAYE to YBDV
Were you out there this weekend? I haven't done Ayers Rock yet, I think that's next on the list.

Bumped into Mick, a guy with an RA-Aus registered RV-7 who flies out of a paddock just a few miles away from my gliding club. Sounds odd to hear a callsign that says "1234" when you're expecting "alpha bravo charlie." He had lunch at Parachilna on Saturday and visited the lake on Sunday, so I know I definitely wasn't the only RVer out and about in that part of the world last weekend.

- mark
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