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Jason ordered a steak sandwich, and ended up with something that could best be described as a "steak loaf."

The front bar of the pub is a definite landmark. The town's traditions are literally stapled to the wall.

Business cards. ID cards. Hats. Shirts. A shredded tire. Bus tickets. Boarding passes. Drivers licenses. License plates. All relics left behind by previous visitors.

There are archeological layers of the stuff: If you peel back a business card you'll see another one underneath it from 20 years earlier. The pub has been where it is since 1887, and I'm pretty sure it looked a lot bigger on the inside when it was built...

A Queensland Police Officer has cut the patch off his uniform shirt to decorate the wall, next to a student card, various boarding passes and a schoolteacher's business card:

A frequently asked questions list:

("Well, you had to ask...")

The famous exterior:

(The pink gumboots on the hitching rail posts have been there for years too, and are another relic from another visitor who was unlikely to need them in the middle of the Australian desert!)

More missiles: A British Skylark rocket, 1957 vintage:

The first stage of a "Black Arrow R3" 3 stage rocket, which launched the Prospero satellite in 1971. The first stage fuel tank and Bristol-Siddley Gamma 8 rocket motors were found nearby in 1990.

(I like the heat discoloration of the aluminium around the nozzles. It seems to have hit the ground tail-end first)

The car park behind the pub:

Time to depart.

To be continued...
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