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Default Finally in Texas !!!

Where am I? Back in USSR????

No, it's Texas!!! Rusk is a good place to stop for fuel and snack.

This is the fuel farm with the cheapest avgas in the nation. There is a local legend that the pump is connected to underground oil well. It cost more to buy premium car gas in NYC.

This are the snacks.

After couple minutes rest I launched south. Have an incidental business there. The final leg lasts about an hour and terminates at Giddings Municipal Airport. RV network is the best thank you John Sannizzaro for timely communications. I was this close to failing the mission.

Hospitable Giddings.

My RV was put in a hangar. I was given a car and sent to a recommended crash pad. Thank you John М for everything. I will be back as promised.

What's for tomorrow? RV CENTRAL!!!!!
Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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