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Originally Posted by ScottSchmidt View Post
Thanks for the update. I have been considering adding this but have not talked to anyone with it. I was concerned about adding weight in the back of the plane and the actual function of the unit.
Do you find that it keeps the ball in the center at different speeds? (140kts - 170 kts)

Can you turn it on with out the autopilot on?
Components aren't very heavy: a featherweight control head, a servo (same as the elevator servo), an aluminum bellcrank, and 3 rods with rod ends. Even with the TT Yaw Damper installed, my RV-10 (1634 lbs with full paint and panel and interior and wheel pants) was still nose heavy. I have to have 10 lbs in the baggage area to bring the CG back to the forward limit (single occupant, full fuel).

Ball centered? Yes. And in turbulence, the TT Yaw Damper does a FAR better job of countering the turbulence-induced yaw than I can do. I've noticed the difference, and so have several passengers.

On/Off: My YD is wired so that my Advanced Autopilot (a TrueTrak DF II- VSVG modified to integrate nicely with the AF-4500 EFIS) controls the YD. The YD turns on when the AP is engaged. It would be very simple to add another switch (SPDT) to have the YD on independent of the AP. Basically, you'd want to have a switch that disconnects YD pin 8 ( from the AP and forces it to ground. With that switch, you could turn on the YD even if the AP were off.
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