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Default New RV-12iS Throttle Handle Option Available

Van's has released a new, optional throttle handle/grip that is now available for all RV-12iS aircraft. The new handle is an alternative "blade" style design that can be used to replace the "T" style handle that is standard on the aircraft/kit, and has proven popular with some of the factory pilots while testing.

Installation of this new handle, which is compatible with the R-12iS airframe only (not an option for the original RV-12) is simple and a kit is available from Van's that owners can use for retrofit. Order "KIT 12iS THROTTLE GRIP" form the Van's online store.

ELSA customers may order and install this option immediately. The kit includes installation instructions as well as the necessary parts.

For SLSA customers, documentation approving and allowing installation of this optional kit on RV-12iS SLSA aircraft is available on the Van's Safety and Service Information page for the RV-12iS under SL 19-10-30 (note: link added)

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