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Originally Posted by rvbuilder2002 View Post
I think I might have been the first to install a child seat in the back of a 6A in 1993.
We found the same thing... my son outgrew the space long before weight/CG was a problem. Wasn't a problem for long because right about the time he was getting too big his sister came along and there was no way I could install seats for them both so he got to move up to the front and mom and sister stayed home.
Scott, thanks for posting previously as I know I referenced your previous post before making my car seat tie downs.
I’m still torn on the child seat tie downs as I’ve used the lower ones numerous times for baggage tie down points. Most of the work was head scratching, maybe half again as much fabricating and installing. Than again the few flights I’ve used them they worked well.

I added the car seat tie down points close to final assembly, at the time I had 2 little girls on the ground and 1 on the way. I think I had my second youngest in the back car seat a total of twice, my third girl just another couple. I’ld been flying for several years before my lil’ dude came along.

A rear facing infant car seat works very well with the co-pilot stick and seatback removed, not enough room to fit a rear facing seat in the baggage. Forward facing car seats can fit very well in the baggage area, but the kiddo must also be well adjusted to flying, if not they don’t seem to do well looking at the back of your head (2 place intercom and headset won’t reach them) and it’s hard to tend to their needs behind you. I’ve found a regular headset and the kiddo beside you works very well.

I think it depends on the season of your life, the first couple years when I really could’ve put the kiddo seat to use I was mostly doing test and local solo flights. Now I’m mostly destination flying and the car seat would be used more but the season has changed and it’s just usually me and 1 kiddo.
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