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Great trip!

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Originally Posted by rvbuilder2002 View Post
I think I might have been the first to install a child seat in the back of a 6A in 1993.
We found the same thing... my son outgrew the space long before weight/CG was a problem. Wasn't a problem for long because right about the time he was getting too big his sister came along and there was no way I could install seats for them both so he got to move up to the front and mom and sister stayed home.
I agree with Scott, my son outgrew the baggage compartment at around age five and a half. Weight was never an issue but him kicking the back of my seat on final was.

I then moved him and his booster seat to the front seat and Momma stayed home for a quiet day by herself.

Now the Mini-Me and I take the plane for weekend camping trips. (Still waiting for a high wing 2+2 to replace my -9. Hint, hint, hint...)
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