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Status Report: #9

The complexity goes up and the reward is going to be
adequate this time. The small wings that control the
pitch are on the workbench:

  • Elevators: two wings that will keep your nose high.

First assembly: we create the ribs out of two separate parts
of aluminum which will be connected later with blind rivets.
This time the two small wings are not symmetric, cause we
have: the trimmer. That is right the trimmer the first mechanical
part that will move with help of small servo motor that will be
also installed right there inside the elevator.

We didn't hold the temptation and tried the fairing, also to check
that wedge fabrication is correct - you have to polish it's corner
a little bit to keep the aerodynamic shape. Da***mn it looks beautiful.

Skipping the coating session describing this time, you can
believe us it was pretty similar to the other time we did

The motor location is pretty cool and designed that way
that you can take it out for inspection after the airplane
will be already flying. Seven nut-plates are pre-dimpled
to ensure smoothness of the external elevator skin.
I think we will show you how it works on the main assembly

Two spars are holding the construction of each elevator
together the front spar is also connected with the tip rib
that also contains a heavy counter balance lead weight.

Unbelievable, I still remember our first one, and
wasn't that too much time ago. Somewhere close to
finishing the elevators we passed the 3000 rivets.
Wow that is already some experience. Some rummors
says we have 10,000 more to go.

Bending the leading edge is not different than all
the other parts. The plumber pipe will do the magic,
and several pop rivets will hold your construction
smooth, round and aerodynamic.

The trailing edge should be very sharp here. That is
why the design works it out with the foam ribs that
are small light and glued together with a simple tank

  • Summary:

The elevators are done, we spent almost 2 weeks
working on that part - from the moment of open
the draws and till the magic moment it had
the connecting bearing on it. And we will show
here that beauty in the next report once it
will be installed on the full assembly of the

Roman & Dima
Blogging my RV14 here:

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